ter├ža-feira, junho 01, 2004

Trope├žando no papel...

"A Soviet Communist politican and writer, Nikolay Ivanovich Bukharin (1888-1938) is best remembered for his association with the New Economic Policy (NEP) and for his execution after a show trial at which he was falsely charged with counter revolutionary activity. He was also referred to by Lenin as the "darling of the party", although Lenin thought he had never fully understood the dialetic. Bukharin was rehabilitated in 1988 with the return to vogue of many of his ideas during perestroika.
Despite his "liberal" reputation, Bukharin was one of the "Left Communists" who opposed the peace treaty with Germany and Austria-Hungary as a deal with imperialism. He favoured a rapid transition to total state control of the economy during the Civil War 1918-20- Moreover, in this period, he produced a rather doctrinaire textbook, The ABC of Communism. Bukharin became the leading proponent of NEP, advocating the radicalization of the policy at various critical junctures. Famously, he enjoined the Russian peasantry to enrich themselves. With the NEP's demise, Bukharin's political career effectively ended. He was removed from the Politburo in 1934 when he became editor of Izvestiya. In 1937 he was arrested and, after threats had been made against his wife and son, confessed to the charges."

[Concise Dictionary of Politics, Oxford]

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