segunda-feira, abril 26, 2004

Peter Singer

Não costumo comprar a “newstatesman”, mas esta semana ofereceram-ma . Não ia falar dela, mas encontrei um artigo de Michael Lind sobre o livro The President of Good and Evil: taking George W Bush seriously, do filósofo australiano Peter Singer.
Nesse artigo intitulado “ Axis to grind”, Michael Lind refere que “ (...) Peter Singer dismisses reductionists who claim that everything Bush does is always in the interests of his Texan friends in the oil industry, or of the big corporations and wealthy individual donors who contribute so heavily to his campaign coffers”.
No entanto, mais à frente Lind nota : “ Citing Kant, he ( Singer) calls for a “world federation”, in the shape of a reformed United Nations, with adequate force at its comand, and based on global majority rule, with the votes of member states weighted “in order to reflect their populations”. Such a proposal, however, would be resisted not only by the US, even under a liberal president, but by most countries of the world, which would refuse to belong to a world body in which India, China and a few other populous nations, including the US, could easily unite to outvote everyone else.”
No penúltimo parágrafo, Michael Lind refere que Singer parece ter lido pouco sobre a História do Conservadorismo americano Moderno e sobre o Partido Republicano. “(...) Apart from newspaper/magazine aarticles, many of his sources are anti-Bush blogs”, refere Lind. Apesar das criticas, Lind também pertence à vastíssima classe anti-Bush, prova disso é o começo do seu último parágrafo : “ Bush, the worst president of my lifetime, has the power to reduce otherwise intelligent people to sputtering rage”.

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